Lady Liberty, the Statue of Liberty on the Susquehanna River

Lady Liberty, the replica of the Statue of Liberty which has occupied an abandon pier in the Susquehanna River for over three decades. The original statue was set in place on July 1, 1986, by local activist Gene Stilp and friends in recognition of the original, which turned 100 that summer.

She was originally 17.5 feet tall, weighed 450 pounds and was made of venetian blinds and wood.

She was originally supposed to be removed by Labor Day in 1986 but ended up staying until 1992 when a storm did her in.

With more help, fundraising and all the proper permits, Stilp and his buddies built a new Lady Liberty out of metal, plywood and fiberglass. She was 25 feet tall and weighed 4 tons.

She still stands today with the help of volunteers who sometimes clean and repair her.

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